Full-Day Seminars

Educate and inspire your healthcare team.

    Legal Liability for Nurse Leaders

    Format: ​Full-day program: 8 hour with lunch and two breaks

    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Nursing leaders from novice to expert 
    • Charge nurses and assistant managers
    • Directors
    • Leaders working with the electronic medical record
    • Leaders struggling to improve documentation of patient care

    The audience will leave with:

    • ​A full understanding of legal liability when in a leadership / supervisory role in healthcare,
    • Numerous tools and tactics that will decrease liability exposure,
    • Embrace communication strategies that will inspire clinical staff to follow your lead.
    • Real examples to bring concepts to life

    I have performed this program over 1000 times across this country and have customized this program to meet the needs of diverse clients.  If your leadership team is struggling to meet expectations of regulatory compliance demands, navigate through legal mind fields in documentation, and assure decisions will safeguard their license vs. open themselves to legal scrutiny, this program is the one to choose. 

    Nursing Documentation Strategies: Legal Requirements and Reality Based

    If you were required to testify in court in defense of the care you provided to a patient, would your documentation be adequate to protect you from legal liability?  If the care you provided came under scrutiny months or years after it occurred, would your documentation enable you to accurately describe the standard of care delivered to the patient?  If you are not absolutely certain, you do not want to miss this program!

    During this in-depth, interactive seminar, you will have the opportunity to review real court cases and learn from the actual testimonies provided by nurses’ depositions.  Rachel Cartwright, an independent legal nurse consultant, with over 29 years of clinical, management, and consulting experience, will provide you with the information you need to ensure that your documentation, whether hand-written or electronic, depicts a level of care that meets or exceeds applicable standards.

    Learn how to identify and avoid risky documentation and integrate practice that will keep your license unblemished.  What you learn will be immediately applicable to your practice and may keep you out of the courtroom.