Rachel Henderson, Ph.D.

Do you want a team of healthcare providers who shine in their profession?

Dr. Rachel Henderson (formerly Cartwright) is an innovative educator skilled at providing your healthcare team with effective strategies to change their thinking and improve workplace engagement. Legal and ethical issues are a hot topic in the healthcare industry. Rachel has a unique teaching style that helps audiences easily understand the complex concepts in the medical field.

Each audience connects with Rachel immediately because her humor and entertaining presentation style turn seemingly boring topics into fun conversations. She is an expert in the healthcare industry with 38 years of clinical and consulting experience. Rachel has taught more than 71,000 healthcare professionals, and each program can be catered to the needs of your company.

Rachel’s presentations tap into her extensive experience in the medical industry. She understands that connecting with the audience is the magic that separates good seminars from memorable seminars. Through humor and real-life experiences, she makes the seminar come alive like no other. Live seminars formulated and conducted by professional nurses can effectively educate and inspire your healthcare team. Rachel has the right chemistry of expertise, experience, and passion, and she will inspire, motivate and refresh novice and seasoned nurses.

Professional speaking topics customized to meet your organization’s goals

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Guest on Legal Nurse Podcast

Documentation Flaws and EMRs

Listen as Dr. Rachel Henderson breaks down methods that both help clinical nurses to protect themselves by documenting in a timely and thorough way and assist LNCs to navigate medical records.